"My mind was always on art as a little kid. I was always drawing or making things out of found objects. It was tough for me to read a lot of books because I have dyslexia.
What art school doesn't teach you is the importance of keeping a steady job. There's more to creating success in an artist than just putting on a show."


Celebrated artist-entrepreneur Hector Vega was born in Gurabo, Puerto Rico, and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. A self-taught artist, his signature style—featuring bold colors and geometric patterns—is influenced by his cultural heritage.

For artist Hector Vega, the use of bold colors and geometric shapes that artist Hector Vega uses to craft his abstracts is by no means an accident. For him, many of the stylized elements, that make his work so instantly recognizable, have a much deeper meaning.

During the past 20 years, Vega’s artwork has progressively matured into visually stimulating pieces that embody life and energy through the balance of strong design, color and depth. His art can be found in numerous private, corporate and educational institution collections across the United States.

A firm believer in volunteerism, community involvement, and the advancement of the arts, Vega is known for his artistic contributions to numerous local and national charitable, civic, and non-profit organizations. He sits on several arts- and community-related boards, and his work has won numerous awards, both in the U.S. and abroad.